Amanda + Joe's Reef Point Crystal Cove Romantic Sunset Intimate Elopement

When Amanda and Joe first contacted us about their intimate beachside elopement, we were thrilled. As we met them, and heard more about their plans, we got even more excited. Because they live in Arizona, we got to be a little extra involved in the planning process. We helped scout locations; visiting prospective beaches and finding one with the right look, and tide pattern for the day. We settled on Reef Point at Crystal Cove for it’s beautiful rock features and relative seclusion.

Amanda + Joe’s story began 4 years ago on From the very first date, it was evident that they had found something special, and as their relationship progressed, it was undeniable. Joe proposed with an elaborate romantic gesture. He rented out a theater and played a video that he had made for her, and at the end he came out with her whole family and dropped to his knee with a ring. From there, they began planning their dream wedding. Originally they thought they would save up for a year and plan a big wedding in Arizona, but the more they thought about it, the more they realized that they wanted their marriage to start even sooner, and the idea for their surprise elopement came into focus. Amanda had gone to college in California and fallen in love with its beautiful beaches. They couldn’t think of a more perfect spot to begin their married lives. 

The day of their elopement was about as perfect as could be. The sky was clear, and the beach was warm and breezy. One of Amanda’s favorite college professors presided as the two exchanged their heartfelt vows as the tide rolled in and out behind them. Weeks later they would share a celebration with their friends and family back home, but in that beautiful moment, it was just the two of them, basking in their love for one another and the glow of the setting sun.

Check out Amanda + Joe's Wedding Photos to see more of their day.

Prep Venue: Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa

Ceremony Venue: Crystal Cove State Beach

Hair + Makeup: Pacific Waters Spa

Dress: Lulus