Amberly + Sam Historic Wilcox Manor Summer Wedding

Amberly & Sam's love story started where so many do these days: online. As they began exchanging messages with each other, they were surprised to find just how much they had in common. After days of writing back and forth, they met up, and their connection flourished all the more. 

Two years later, the two were headed to the altar. We met up with them at Hart Park, to kick off a wonderful day of wedding festivities.

The only thing more vibrant than the flowers, were their smiles, as they waited with anticipation for their first look.

They radiated with love and joy as they prepared to make a life-long commitment to choose each other every day for as long as they live.

Amberly + Sam Wedding 3.jpg

They were surrounded by their close friends and family who clearly shared in their enthusiasm!

Amberly + Sam Wedding 4.jpg

Both Amberly and Sam told us that they love each other's sense of humor and playfulness. These traits were so evident in our morning session with them and their wedding party.

In Amberly's opinion, Sam is the perfect partner for her because he is so considerate, thoughtful and servant-hearted.

Sam thinks Amberly is the perfect partner because of how supportive and honest she is.

No one who knows them can deny how well their personalities complement one another.

Their shared values and love for each other brought them this far, and will carry them on.

Amberly + Sam Wedding 9.jpg

The sweet and authentic ceremony took place at Amberly's home church, Trinity Presbyterian Church of Orange County. Family and friends from around the country, and the world joined them within the familiar walls to celebrate and honor their marriage commitment.

Amberly + Sam Wedding 10.jpg

Then everyone headed over to the Historic Wilcox Manor to enjoy a very special reception.

The Wilcox Manor is a historical house that was once a Stage Coach stop.

Amberly + Sam Wedding 12.jpg

Both the interior and the garden are filled with the private art collection of the Wilcox Manor Trust.

Amberly and Sam were drawn to the eclectic style and quirky atmosphere.

Amberly + Sam Wedding 14.jpg
Amberly + Sam Wedding 15.jpg

We got to spend some time exploring the grounds with the happy couple.

We even got to tag along on a special tour of the Historic Manor.

Amberly + Sam Wedding 17.jpg

Then they joined their guests in the garden and the party really got started.

Amberly + Sam Wedding 18.jpg

Their reception was a really special time for them to connect with the friends and relatives who had come from all over to celebrate this day with them.

Amberly + Sam Wedding 20.jpg

They wanted their wedding day to be a fun, down-to-earth celebration of their love geared towards spending quality time with their friends and family. It really was just that!

It was such a joy to see the way that they took it all in, and intentionally engaged with those around them.

Amberly + Sam Wedding 23.jpg

Forgoing the traditional wedding cake, Amberly and Sam chose an assortment of Homemade Pies...

And they were a BIG hit!

Amberly + Sam Wedding 26.jpg

It was a privilege just to be a part of such a joy-filled group of people.

Amberly + Sam Wedding 27.jpg

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Lim. May God bless your marriage!