Eda + Francis's Pomona Valley Mining Company Rustic Wedding

When Eda and Francis began working at Promise Hospital, they knew they’d found good jobs, but what they didn’t know was that they would soon find their soul mates as well. Their attraction was immediate, and as their relationship grew, their chemistry was undeniable. In each other they had found truly caring partners, to comfort in the difficult times, to celebrate in the good times, and to appreciate each other’s quirky personalities for a lifetime. Their wedding was more than the joining of two people in marriage, it was a joining of two families in love. Both Eda and Francis come from large, close-knit families who love them very much. It was so heart-warming to see the ways that each family had so embraced the other, and how much love, support, and confidence they had for this sweet couple. It is so clear that their marriage has been formed on a very firm foundation. 

Eda and Francis, may God bless you as you begin your marriage and grow your family!

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