Justin + Kim's Orange County Heritage Museum Autumn Wedding

Justin and Kim’s wedding story was half a lifetime in the making. When they met, they had no idea that they had been unknowingly crossing paths since high school, attending many of the same concerts and parties all the way up through college. So when they finally did meet, it was no surprise that their paths so easily merged into one. They remained as friends for two years, and their friendship naturally flowed into a relationship. During the years that followed, they not only drew closer together, but brought their family and friends together around them. 

The importance of their family in their lives was seen in full color on their wedding day. Justin’s uncle officiated the wedding, and began it with a moving tribute to the two rich family legacies that they were building their family upon. There was so much joy as these two families celebrated that they would forever be joined together through Justin and Kim!

This day, so many years in the making, was a snapshot of this vibrant and loving relationship. They found so many ways to bring their own personalities and interests into the day. From the thoughtful vows that they wrote for one another, to the creative idea to dismiss tables at the reception by playing songs from concerts they attended together, these personal touches made the day so unique and special. And no one can deny that Justin and Kim know how to bring the PARTY! Their vision for the day was to bring all of their favorite people for the most fun day they could imagine. And that’s exactly what it was!

Congratulations Justin and Kim! May the years ahead bring you many new adventures together.

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